Sunday, August 4, 2013

1308.0050 (Andrew W. Smith for the VERITAS Collaboration)

VERITAS Observations of TeV Binaries    [PDF]

Andrew W. Smith for the VERITAS Collaboration
Since the commissioning of the array in Spring 2007, the VERITAS array (sensitive in the 0.1-50 TeV energy range) has acquired over 300 hours of observations investigating the TeV emission from X-ray binary star systems, in particular focusing on the known TeV binary targets LS I +61 303 and HESS J0632+057. Both TeV binaries have been monitored by VERITAS for several years and the resulting dataset is continuing to yield important results in the characterization of these poorly understood systems. We present these results, as well as the contemporaneous observations of these sources taken with Fermi-LAT and Swift-XRT. In the case of LS I +61 303, simultaneous observations taken with VERITAS and Fermi-LAT reveal a break in emission in the 10-200 GeV range. For HESS J0632 057, the extended VERITAS observations have allowed for the first identification of a binary system through TeV gamma-ray observations.
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