Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1307.4356 (Manlio De Domenico et al.)

HERMES: a Monte Carlo Code for the Propagation of Ultra-High Energy Nuclei    [PDF]

Manlio De Domenico, Haris Lyberis, Mariangela Settimo
Although the recent experimental efforts to improve the observation of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays (UHECRs) above $10^{18}$ eV, the origin and the composition of such particles is still unknown. In this work, we present the novel Monte Carlo code (HERMES) simulating the propagation of UHE nuclei, in the energy range between $10^{16}$ and $10^{22}$ eV, accounting for propagation in the intervening extragalactic and Galactic magnetic fields and nuclear interactions with relic photons of the extragalactic background radiation. In order to show the potential applications of HERMES for astroparticle studies, we estimate the expected flux of UHE nuclei in different astrophysical scenarios, the GZK horizons and we show the expected arrival direction distributions in the presence of turbulent extragalactic magnetic fields. A stable version of HERMES will be released in the next future for public use together with libraries of already propagated nuclei to allow the community to perform mass composition and energy spectrum analysis with our simulator.
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