Thursday, June 20, 2013

1306.4430 (E. Barcikowski et al.)

Mass Composition Working Group Report at UHECR-2012    [PDF]

E. Barcikowski, J. Bellido, J. Belz, Y. Egorov, S. Knurenko, V. de Souza, Y. Tameda, Y. Tsunesada, M. Unger for the Pierre Auger, Telescope Array, Yakutsk Collaborations
We present a summary of the measurements of mass sensitive parameters at the highest cosmic ray energies done by several experiments. The Xmax distribution as a function of energy has been measured with fluorescence telescopes by the HiRes, TA and Auger experiments and with Cherenkov light detectors by Yakutsk. The or the average mass () has been also inferred using ground detectors, such as muon and water Cherenkov detectors. We discuss the different data analyses elaborated by each collaboration in order to extract the relevant information. Special attention is given to the different approaches used in the analysis of the data measured by fluorescence detectors in order to take into account detector biases. We present a careful analysis of the stability and performance of each analysis. The results of the different experiments will be compared and the discrepancies or agreements will be quantified.
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