Thursday, June 20, 2013

1306.4380 (P. Muggli et al.)

Interaction of Ultra Relativistic e- e+ Fireball Beam with Plasma    [PDF]

P. Muggli, S. F. Martins, J. Vieira, L. O. Silva
Ab initio simulations of the propagation in a plasma of a soon to be available relativistic electron-positron beam or fireball beam provide an effective mean for the study of microphysics relevant to astrophysical scenarios. We show that the current filamentation instability associated with some of these scenarios reaches saturation after only 10 cm of propagation in a typical laboratory plasma with a density 10^17/cc. The different regimes of the instability, from the purely transverse to the mixed mode filamentation, can be accessed by varying the background plasma density. The instability generates large local plasma gradients, intense transverse magnetic fields, and enhanced emission of radiation. We suggest that these effects may be observed experimentally for the first time.
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