Wednesday, June 19, 2013

1306.4096 (Dong-Hua Zhao et al.)

On-board GRB trigger algorithms of SVOM-GRM    [PDF]

Dong-Hua Zhao, Bo-Bing Wu, Li-Ming Song, Yong-Wei Dong, Stephane Schanne, Bertrand Cordier, Jiang-Tao Liu
GRM (Gamma-Ray Monitor) is the high energy detector on-board the future Chinese-French satellite SVOM (Space-based multi-band astronomical Variable Object Monitor) which is dedicated to Gamma-Ray Burst (GRB) studies. This paper presents the investigation of the on-board counting rate trigger algorithms of GRM. The trigger threshold and trigger efficiency based on the given GRB sample are calculated with the algorithms. The trigger characteristics of GRM and ECLAIRs are also analyzed. In addition, the impact of solar flares on GRM is estimated, and the method to distinguish solar flares from GRBs is investigated.
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