Wednesday, June 19, 2013

1306.4053 (Yukikatsu Terada)

Thirteenth Marcel Grossmann Meeting, Summary of the session, White Dwarf Pulsars and Rotating White Dwarf Theory    [PDF]

Yukikatsu Terada
This is the summary of the parallel session entitled "White Dwarf Pulsars and Rotating White Dwarf Theory", chaired by Yukikatsu Terada in Thirteenth Marcel Grossmann Meeting. The origin of cosmic rays remains a mystery, even over 100 years since their discovery. Neutron stars (NSs) are considered textbook cases of particle acceleration sites in our Galaxy, but many unresolved numerical problems remain. Searches for new acceleration sites are crucial for astrophysics. The magnetized white dwarfs (MWDs) have the same kind of rotating magnetosphere as NSs, and may be the source of up to 10% of galactic cosmic ray electrons. In the parallel session of the "white dwarf pulsars and rotating white dwarf theory", we focus on the current observational results on white dwarf pulsars, related theories of the radiation process both in white dwarfs and neutron stars, and the origin and rule of white dwarf pulsars, as well as surveying on the current theories of the internal structure and the equation of state of white dwarfs.
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