Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1307.7708 (Kazumi Kashiyama et al.)

Cosmological Fast Radio Bursts from Binary White Dwarf Mergers    [PDF]

Kazumi Kashiyama, Kunihito Ioka, Peter Mészáros
Recently, Thornton et al. (2013) reported the detections of 4 fast radio bursts (FRB). The dispersion measures indicate that the sources are at cosmological distance. Given the large full sky event rate ~ 10^4 sky^-1 day^-1, the FRBs are a promising target of multi-messenger astronomy in the coming years. Here we propose double degenerate, binary white-dwarf (WD) mergers as the source of FRBs, which is produced by coherent emission from the polar region of a rapidly rotating, magnetized massive WD formed after the merger. The basic characteristics of the FRBs, such as the energetics, the emission duration and the event rate can be consistently explained in this scenario. As a result, we predict that some FRBs can accompany type Ia supernovae (SNIa). The simultaneous detection could test our scenario, may probe the progenitor of SNIa, and moreover would give a novel constraint on the cosmological parameters. We strongly encourage SN surveys following up FRBs.
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