Thursday, July 25, 2013

1307.6313 (P. M. Chadwick et al.)

The Formation of Condensation on Cherenkov Telescope Mirrors    [PDF]

P. M. Chadwick, S. A. Cleaver, M. Dyrda, A. Förster, J. Michalowski, J. Niemiec, C. Schultz, M. Stodulski, for the CTA Consortium.
The mirrors of imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes are different from those of conventional astronomical telescopes in several ways, not least in that they are exposed to the elements. One of the issues which may arise is condensation forming on the mirrors during observing under certain atmospheric conditions, which has important consequences for the operation of the telescopes. This contribution discusses why telescope mirrors suffer condensation and describes the atmospheric conditions and mirror designs which are likely to be problematic.
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