Friday, July 19, 2013

1307.4971 (David Tsang et al.)

Iron Line Variability of Discoseismic Corrugation Modes    [PDF]

David Tsang, Iryna Butsky
Using a fast semi-analytic raytracing code, we study the variability of relativistically broadened iron lines due to discoseismic oscillations concentrated in the inner-most regions of accretion discs around black holes. The corrugation mode, or c-mode, is of particular interest as its natural frequency corresponds well to the ~0.1-15Hz range observed for low-frequency quasi-periodic oscillations (LFQPOs) for lower spins. Comparison of the oscillation phase dependent variability and QPO-phase stacked iron line observations will allow such discoseismic models to be confirmed or ruled out as a source of particular LFQPOs. The spectral range and frequency of the variability of the iron line due to corrugation modes can also potentially be used to constrain the black hole spin if observed with sufficient temporal and spectral resolution.
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