Tuesday, July 30, 2013

1305.7052 (L. Del Zanna et al.)

Relativistic viscous hydrodynamics for heavy-ion collisions with ECHO-QGP    [PDF]

L. Del Zanna, V. Chandra, G. Inghirami, V. Rolando, A. Beraudo, A. De Pace, G. Pagliara, A. Drago, F. Becattini
We present ECHO-QGP, a numerical code for $(3+1)$-dimensional relativistic viscous hydrodynamics designed for the modeling of the space-time evolution of the matter created in high energy nuclear collisions. The code has been built on top of the \emph{Eulerian Conservative High-Order} astrophysical code for general relativistic magneto-hydrodynamics [\emph{Del Zanna et al., Astron. Astrophys. 473, 11, 2007}] and here it has been upgraded to handle the physics of the Quark-Gluon Plasma. ECHO-QGP features second-order treatment of causal relativistic viscosity effects in both Minkowskian or Bjorken coordinates; partial or complete chemical equilibrium of hadronic species before kinetic freeze-out; initial conditions based on the optical Glauber model, including a Monte-Carlo routine for event-by-event fluctuating initial conditions; a freeze-out procedure based on the Cooper-Frye prescription. The code is extensively validated against several test problems and results always appear accurate, as guaranteed by the combination of the conservative (shock-capturing) approach and the high-order methods employed. ECHO-QGP can be extended to include evolution of the electromagnetic fields coupled to the plasma.
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