Thursday, June 27, 2013

1306.6095 (Floyd W. Stecker)

Constraining Neutrino Velocities and Lorentz Invariance Violation in the Neutrino Sector using the IceCube PeV Neutrino Events    [PDF]

Floyd W. Stecker
The observation of two PeV-scale neutrino events reported by Ice Cube can, in principle, allow one to place constraints on Lorentz invariance violation (LIV) in the neutrino sector. Using the results of Cohen and Glashow along with previously derived constraints on LIV in the QED sector, I derive a constraint for the difference between putative superluminal neutrino and electron velocities of < ~ 3.1 x 10^{-19} in units where c = 1. I also show that a constraint can be placed on the superluminal neutrino velocity alone by using the previously derived constraint on the electron velocity. This limit is ~ 1.3 x 10^{-15}, about six orders of magnitude better than the time-of-flight constraint from the SN1987A neutrino burst.
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