Friday, June 21, 2013

1306.4704 (Katie Auchettl et al.)

The cosmic $e^\pm$ anomaly    [PDF]

Katie Auchettl, Csaba Balazs
Via a Bayesian likelihood analysis using 219 recent cosmic ray spectral data points we extract the anomalous part of the cosmic $e^\pm$ flux. First we show that a significant tension exists between the $e^\pm$ related and the rest of the fluxes. Interpreting this tension as the presence of an anomalous component in the $e^\pm$ related data, we then infer the values of selected cosmic ray propagation parameters excluding the anomalous data sample from the analysis. Based on these values we calculate background predictions with theoretical uncertainties for PAMELA and Fermi-LAT. We find a statistically significant deviation between the Fermi-LAT $e^-+e^+$ data and the predicted background even when (systematic) uncertainties are taken into account. Identifying this deviation as an anomalous $e^\pm$ contribution, we make an attempt to distinguish between various sources that may be responsible for the anomalous $e^\pm$ flux.
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